Value Office Furniture & Equipment

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Now a Benefit Corporation, "2nd Chance Planet, Inc.", Helping Those Who Need a 2nd Chance

About Us

Value Office Furniture & Equipment is a trade name of 2nd Chance Planet, Inc. 

2CP is a Connecticut Benefit Corporation. That means that we're a company with a social mission. 

Our mission is to provide job training, jobs, and support for those who need a 2nd Chance, including formerly incarcerated individuals and people in recovery from addiction.

While we sell a wide range of new office furnishings, we also sell pre-owned office furnishings, which promotes the conservation of natural resources and slows global warming and climate change.

Individuals are getting a 2nd Chance by working to give the planet a 2nd Chance.

Value Office Furniture & Equipment sells new, used, and refurbished office furniture and electronic equipment on its website and through its retail store at 22A Andover Drive, West Hartford, CT, 06110. 

Our vision:

Our vision is to mainstream the reuse of office furniture and equipment and create thousands of "green" jobs across the country for those who need a second chance. 

 100% of profits are plowed back into our mission.